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Television Music
Television music
Film Soundtracks

Jeffrey Scott Pearson has been making music since digital watches came out, producing soundtracks for over 200 television shows and movies over the past thirty years.  While he got his start in London in the mid-eighties and grew his career in the States, Scott is operating out of the Netherlands during the

Trump administration.

Early in his career Scott played in various bands, including a brief UK tour with Top 40 pop stars Jesus Jones, but in the nineties Scott decided he was more a creator than a performer. He became the staff music composer at a television production company for the next decade and during that time he mastered the art of scoring to picture.  

By the time Scott scored his first full feature, Unshackled (2000), it had been ten years since he conducted a live orchestra. Though a thrilling experience overall it was clear the time and attention required for movie work would make film scores a luxury and he turned back to contracting full time for Discovery.

Throughout this time between gigs Scott was an instructor of the musical arts

for kids, teens and even college students in various capacities. This love of teaching continues today, with mentoring and real world advice being the keystones of his instruction.


More recently Scott has produced new artists and writes music collaboratively; he enjoys discovering unique interactions between good musicians, both live and in the studio. This reality explains his deep love of all things jazz, which he has been performing & teaching to a new generation since 2001 in the classroom and the bar room.

When he's not in the studio, Scott's often exploring the world seeking out unusual events, diverse travel destinations and anything off the beaten path.   He also paints in acrylics and creates whimsical circus art & landscapes, in addition to innovative photography.Click the photo below for more art.

P E R S O N A L   I N F O 

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JSP 2019 Master's
Library Music Thesis
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