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South for Winter in C minor (2001) 

One of the most inspired instrumentals I ever wrote wasn't for a client or a purpose, it was just for me.  I was at the beach near sunset and a huge group of shore birds passed in loose formation overhead. This was an incredible sight because flock lasted probably five minutes and darkened the sky with their numbers at times.  While lying on the sand amazed, consumed by the size and beauty of it, I began to notice details.  Sometimes the wings would flap in time, other times exactly the opposite.  There were moments when the flock was so thick you could barely see the sky and then the wave would recede and only a spartan few would continue the formation.  Every once and a while a little local bird would fly against the flock at an odd angle or complain in the tide pools.  It was a unique experience so I immediately went back and wrote South for Winter in C minor on the piano to preserve it.  This soundscape later began an hour long ambient/new age CD that was never properly released save a few promo copies.

The album, ELEMENTS was based on the four natural sources of water, air, earth and fire.  There is a plan to officially release this recording in late 2019 on Spotify & iTunes, but an augmented version is available below.

'SOUTH FOR WINTER'  (2001)  4:18
'ELEMENTS' (2002) Full CD Version 1:01:24
Short Version
CD Version

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